What are your lock options?

We can provide just about any lock that functions with a 1/2" door thickness across many manufacturers and styles.


There are a wide range of great lock manufacturers we source locks from, so if there is a specific lock model you want to use, we can most likely include them on our lockers. Some of the companies we work with are:

This is not an exhaustive list and if you are a lock manufacture we are always interested in new products we can introduce to our clients!

Lock Types

There are many types of locks targeting different applications and use cases.

Hasp Locks: This is the most common lock type; a metal bar sticking through the door with a hole for a user to put a standard padlock through. They are inexpensive, easy to use and allow for sharing the space between multiple users.

Hasp Small


Electronic Keypad: This the second most common lock and is available in two main functions "Shared Use" and "Assigned Use".

For Shared Use the user places their belongings into the locker, closes the door, and selects a combination of their choice. When they return to the locker they enter the selected code to open the door. Many users can use the same locker throughout the day.

For Assigned Use the code is programmed into the lock for a specific user who would be using the locker on a regular basis. The code can still be changed if the user changes, but it generally requires maintenance staff.

Electronic Keypad

Coin Locks: In this lock type the user needs to insert a coin of specified type into the lock in order to store their belongings. The door will be open when they arrive and inserting the coin allows them to remove a key from the front of the door which they keep with them while the locker is in use. When they with to reopen the lock they use the key, which is then fixed within the lock ready for the next user. These also come in two types "Coin Keep" and "Coin Return".

For Coin Keep the users' coin is stored in a lock box that is periodically emptied by maintenance staff.

For Coin Return the user gets their coin back when they return their key to the locker.

Coin Lock

Cam Key Lock: A lock that uses a traditional user key to access the locker, generally only suitable for assigned use. While replacement keys are generally available we do not recommend this lock type for children or other users who may misplace keys. Master keys can be used to open lockers in the event that a user key goes missing.

Key Lock

Integrated Mechanical: For this lock type a mechanical locking system is integrated into the door. Generally these locks can be shared across users with code being set when the user stores their belongings.