What is your warranty?

10 Year Limited Warranty

Trespa Warranty

TRESPA® warrants its panels in respect of delamination and warping, as specified at www.trespa.info (the “TRESPA Warranty”). The TRESPA Warranty is through the seller for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. In the event of the presentation of any such conditions during such ten (10) year warranty period, the exclusive remedy and warranty available to the customer shall be as set out in the TRESPA Warranty and the process of exercising the rights under such warranty shall be in accordance with the terms of the TRESPA Warranty found at www.trespa.info (as at the date of purchase). In the event that the customer requests the use of a material in the construction of the Spectrum® product which is not TRESPA® material, the customer shall not receive the benefit of the TRESPA Warranty set out herein which is applicable to TRESPA® material only. Non TRESPA® material may have the benefit of other manufacturer’s warranties which the customer should review and familiarize themselves with independently.